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Politico has released “2020: the Issues,” a comprehensive guide to the Democratic candidates hoping to win the hearts and minds of America in this next Presidential election. This project tracks 55 and counting policy issues that are already animating voters. It includes short descriptions of issues to get you up to speed, an overview of policy proposals, and links to recent coverage so you can learn more from earlier reporting. 

You can sort Politico’s 2020 The Issues project by candidate or by issue. Information is broken down into easy to read charts and concise candidate opinions.

Quartz breaks down which Republicans are vying for the most coveted seats in US politics in their continuously updated article entitled “Your guide to the republicans challenging Trump in the 2020 presidential race” They even tell you who each candidate is receiving funding from, their ideas on the economy, and what they say about the current president.

Head Count is a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. 

Headcount provides an extensive list of resources for you to read on everything from current legislation and representatives in your state, to voting rights and tracking money in US politics. They even provide resources for you to get involved with your local government; remember change starts at the local level! Check out headcount.org/issues-and-candidates for more information. 

I Side With beta is website that builds a personal profile for the user based on the answers they choose on a political quiz. This quiz offers about three questions per issue category, though you can choose to answer more, and even provides explanations on what some questions and terms mean, like what Common Core National Standards in Education are. The personal profile includes which candidates, both local and national, best match your answers; national polls based on other user answers, and even a party breakdown that shows how each party falls on each issue.

No matter your party affiliation or opinion on the topics that rock this country on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis; it is incredibly important to form your own opinions and make your voice heard. Do your research, fact check your sources, and determine for yourself who is worthy of your vote. 

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